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Measure the air accurately

The pressure sensors and air flow meters are now an integral part of the engine management system. Their mission is to send information to the ecu to regulate the air/fuel mixture.

The air flow meters measure the amount of air sucked into the engine and the pressure sensors measure the pressure of the air in the intake manifold.

How to operate the air flow meters and the pressure sensors ?

Installed on all Gasoline engines since 1985, and Diesel engines since 1995, the pressure sensor is located directly in the intake manifold. There are 2 types :
- the sensors of admission for Gasoline engines non-Turbo
- sensors boost for the engines, Turbo Gasoline and Diesel.

Used for gasoline engines since 1982 and for the Diesel engines since 1995, the air flow meter is located between the intake manifold and the air filter. There are different types :
- filament-hot or hot-film (for Turbo Diesel engines only)
- with or without a case
- with or without integrated temperature sensor.