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Showing 1 - 23 of 23 items

The GPL is one of the alternative systems performing carburizing adopted by several people today in Europe. If you are planning a long-term travel abroad, and you are not sure that the capacity of your gas supply you will hold during the entire stay, so why not opt for an adapter lpg bottle campingaz ? Very economical and easy to install, the adapter gpl allows you to easily load the bottle with LPG. As well, SHOP installer GPL offers you a wide range of adapters gpl that will be suitable without doubt to the models of your bottles of campingaz. Read this article that gives you some information on the adapters gpl.

About the adapter lpg bottle campingaz

Campingaz is a brand of camping equipment that offers the company's Application of the gas (a corporation in the Rhone in France). Many people in France today have opted for gas cylinders campingaz for their cuisine (barbecue) as for their cars to lpg (camping-car).
Also, for a long stay abroad, there is nothing like an investment in bottles of campingaz cylinders with adapters brand. Europe today has a wide network of stations and shops that distribute LPG, and many other articles of the GPL (adapters, lpg, plugs, lpg injectors, lpg, etc).

For a better functioning of a bottle of campingaz cylinders, it needs an adapter. The technology gpl is considered and recommended for all systems of transport and for some household appliances today, it is essential to opt for an adapter gpl.

In effect, an adapter is a fitting on the bottle of campingaz, which allows you to edit the output of the valve on which the holder may be fixed. If you want to plug in a bottle of campingaz in your car lpg adapter, lpg is then necessary. When the bottle from campingaz is attached to the vehicle through the adapter gpl, you can easily fill it out in any service station and safely with no need to uninstall it.

Operation of the adapter lpg bottle campingaz

Adapter gpl is to screw on a side of the bottle from campingaz. Once referred to on the bottle, it will allow you to easily load this in many stations and in many countries. Adapter gpl works in tandem with the pressure regulator.

SHOP installer GPL for your adapters, lpg bottle campingaz

Shop installer GPL provides you with your adapters, lpg bottle from campingaz at a special price and guaranteed over the long term. It simplifies your mobility during the entire stay through the impeccable quality of his adapters and their resistance. In this society, you will have at your disposal models of adapters such as :
  • Adapter camping end gas France/ITALY 13KG AD6147 ;
  • Adaptor gas bottle cube AD6147511 ;
  • Adapter France bottle camping-car (1178) ;
  • Adapter filler tip gaz11kg France/ITALY AD1541 ;
  • Adapters kit (4) camping-car (6200) ;
  • Etc.

You can wear your choice on the adapter that fits the model of your bottle of campingaz.

Adapters Ø22 & Fittings to fill the camping gas cylinders in France or abroad