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    TOPIC IN THE COURSE OF DEVELOPMENT. To know with precision the exact reference of the right coil for your motor , please send us by message, the registration number of your vehicle, we will insert in this field the coil you need. For proper operation of your vehicle to LPG, it is strongly recommended to replace your ignition every 80 000 kilometers . You will find in this section a large number of beam of the largest brands . Bougicord , Bosch, Chevrolet, NGK spark plugs, Renault, Berru Valéo...


    Protect engine components, reduce emissions of harmful gases

    Turbocharger, diesel particulate filter and catalytic converter, 3-way, all of these parts must be protected from temperatures of exhaust gas to be excessive. It is the role of the temperature sensors. With a vehicle on three equipped in the world and 60% of the market share in 1st monte, NTK is the world leader in the manufacture of temperature sensors of exhaust gas.

    What good is a temperature sensor of exhaust gases ?

    The sensing element of the sensor consists of a ceramic technique sensitive to variations in temperature. The sensing element is a NTC type (Negative Temperature Coefficient, in English NTC, Negative Temperature Coefficient). It is a semiconductor whose resistance decreases logarithmic with the increase of the temperature.

    The temperature sensors are sensors which convert a temperature in its field of operation, to an electrical signal.

    The latest generation of temperature sensors of exhaust gas NTK is capable of measuring temperatures from -40°C up to 900°C. They are located in :

    • before the turbocharger
    • after the turbocharger
    • before and after the particulate filter
    • before and after the catalyst three-way
    • What is a temperature sensor in the exhaust line ?

      The temperature sensors of exhaust gas are essential to modern vehicles because they protect the items that are present in the flow of hot exhaust gases from overheating critical. The engines have become increasingly clean, affordable, and at the same time more powerful


    Measure the air accurately

    The pressure sensors and air flow meters are now an integral part of the engine management system. Their mission is to send information to the ecu to regulate the air/fuel mixture.

    The air flow meters measure the amount of air sucked into the engine and the pressure sensors measure the pressure of the air in the intake manifold.

    How to operate the air flow meters and the pressure sensors ?

    Installed on all Gasoline engines since 1985, and Diesel engines since 1995, the pressure sensor is located directly in the intake manifold. There are 2 types :
    - the sensors of admission for Gasoline engines non-Turbo
    - sensors boost for the engines, Turbo Gasoline and Diesel.

    Used for gasoline engines since 1982 and for the Diesel engines since 1995, the air flow meter is located between the intake manifold and the air filter. There are different types :
    - filament-hot or hot-film (for Turbo Diesel engines only)
    - with or without a case
    - with or without integrated temperature sensor.

  • IGNITION wire set LPG

    A relay that is effective between the coil and the spark plug

    Ensuring the connection between the ignition coil and the spark plug, the beam and one of the essential elements of the ignition system of the gasoline engine. Thanks to its expertise and its know-how, NGK Spark Plug supplies cables and ignition wire sets that perfectly complement its wide range of spark plugs and ignition coils.

    The insulation characteristics are exceptional, a very high level of resistance to heat (up to 200c°) as well as vibration and other significant variations in temperature and humidity, are the required elements to produce beams of high quality. The ignition NGK to adhere to these conditions to ensure that our cables provide reliability in extreme conditions and this, for a very long time.


    Vehicles with gasoline engines are the past few years equipped as standard with a catalyst (also called catalytic converter) and reducing harmful emissions. The lambda probe is a sensor playing a decisive role in this process of clean-up : it enables the catalyst to function optimally. Equipementier leader in original equipment and the aftermarket, independent, NGK Spark Plug continues to develop and improve its range of Lambda sensors to allow the engines to be cleaner and more efficient, and thus contribute to a better air quality.

Showing 1 - 50 of 50 items
Showing 1 - 50 of 50 items

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