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  • AEB
    Injector LPG AEB, Italian brand of the équipmentier LPG AEB specialist LPG Kits and CNG. Injection, LPG sequential, sucked or direct
  • AT

    Injectors LPG GFI AG Renault mounted on Clio, Twingo, Espace, Scénic, Kangoo

  • AC S TA G

     The STAG AC W031 BFC injector is distributed in France by the importer AIRGPL The LPG ac Stag injector is designed for the injection of LPG and CNG engines including turbocharged engines. AC W031 BFC ensures excellent performance and the possibility of installing directly at the intake manifold and unification with other AC SA products An undeniable advantage of the unit is the fact that a single injector can be combined in any number of engine sections. injector.

  • ALEX

    Fast, modern and efficient LPG / CNG gas injectors.

    Available as a version for single assembly, as well as combined in bands of 2, 3 and 4 cylinders. Removable calibration nozzle allows smooth adjustment of gas flow and injector efficiency (from 20 to 50 HP per cylinder). A single slim injector can be mounted close to a gasoline injector on a pipe of a minimum length, which increases the precision of gas injection.

    The Barracuda is designed and manufactured to minimize the risk of contaminants in the gas adhering to the surface inside the injector. The success of the Barracuda's reliability is in the details, especially the seals. They are made from specially designed fluorinated rubber compounds, the exact composition of which is a closely guarded company secret. The construction of the Barracuda uses modern nano-coatings and fluoropolymer coatings with non-stick and anti-freeze functions, which effectively protect the injector actuators from the harmful effects of physico-chemical factors.

    The Barracuda injector was rewarded in 2012 with the INPRO prize at the international GasShow fair. Even then it won the hearts of installers all over the world and since then Barracuda has been synonymous with reliable LPG injectors.

  • RICE

    Injector LPG BIGAS mounted on many system GPL in the 2nd monte. The installation of a kit LPG Bigas can be done on engines of 2 to 12 cylinders. Bigas it is a company in the automotive field of innovation since 1968.

  • BRC / MTM / TA

    Injector LPG / CNG brand BRC MTM TA type old model or new. Injectors LPG BRC screwed and is suitable for a system séquent and 56


    Injectors CNG BOSCH installed original on Fiat, Iveco


    Injector lpg BRC originally fitted on the car brand Chevrolet. Models Chevrolet Spark, Avéo, Matiz, Cruize


    Injector LPG mounted on the cars that Citroën are, in reality, injectors LPG of the mark Italian BRC. Originally fitted for example on Citroën C3, Berlingo


    waterproof connector for LPG injectors and wiring harness
    LPG injector connector hercules, Hana, amp connector and Bosch connector


    Injectors LPG for Dacia sandero lpg logan lpg, duster gpl, trademark Landi Renzo / MED mounted on Dacia sandero, Renault clio, renault kangoo lpg, Opel meriva gpl, opel corsa gpl


    EUROPEGAS Manufacturer of LPG equipment. LPG injector originally fitted on SSANG YONG and on many LPG vehicles, replaces the injectors on some systems KEIHIN

  • E-GAS

    Injector LPG-eGAS mounted on many system gpl in the 2nd monte


    Injector LPG Emmegas, Italian brand of the équipmentier GPL Emmegas specialist LPG Kits and CNG.

    Injection, LPG sequential, sucked or direct

  • FIAT

    Injector LPG Landi Renzo mounted on the vehicle FIAT specific connector (OEM) Injectors Landi Renzo Med, cue, green, orange,

  • GFI

    Injectors LPG Necam originally fitted on many vehicles: Opel, PSA, Subaru


    Injectors LPG GFI AG Renault mounted on Clio, Twingo, Espace, Scénic, and the other mounting 2nd monte

  • HANA

    HANA Manufacturing equipment LPG. Injector LPG mounted on many vehicle, LPG, replaces on some systems the injectors KEIHIN

  • ICOM

    Injector LPG Icom mounted on the injection systems liquid. You can find ICOM installed of origin on RENAULT, FORD or vehicle group GM


    The KME FENIX injectors distributed by the French importer AIR GPL are designed for automotive installations for the sequential injection of LPG in vehicles equipped with an internal combustion engine. These are components that are responsible for the precise metering of LPG gas into the intake channels of the engine cylinders. 2, 3, 4 cylinder versions are available. It is a fast injector that ensures a precise gas supply even with short opening times. This is extremely important for direct injection engines.


    Injectors LPG Landi Renzo GI25 mounted on Dacia and Opel & on LPG equipment from 2nd monte


    Injector LPG pump MATRIX mounted on the system lpg OMVL, Stargas


    Injectors LPG Necam originally fitted on many vehicles including: Ford, Saab, Opel, PSA, Subaru

  • OMVL

    Injector and rail, LPG OMVL mounted on many system

  • OPEL

    Injectors LPG Landi Renzo and Necam mounted on Opel /GM




    Ramp or Rail for LPG injectors. For engines ranging from 2 to 4 cylinders. Several brands HANA, KEIHIN, PRINS, GFI, VOLTRAN ...


    LPG injector. APACHE injection type rail or rail mounted on LPG AC STAG kits .

  • AEB
    Injector LPG AEB, Italian brand of the équipmentier LPG AEB specialist LPG Kits and CNG. Injection, LPG sequential, sucked or direct

    Injector LPG Tartarini mounted on many system GPL in 2nd monte


    Injector LPG Vialle-mounted systems LPG injection fluid type LPI


    Injector LPG Valtek system sequential injection


    Injector LPG Zavoli, equipment GPL of the group MTM


    HERCULES Injector LPG HERCULES mounted on many vehicle LPG systems of the brand ZENIT, manufactured by AG centrum

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Showing 1 - 50 of 104 items
Showing 1 - 50 of 104 items

We hear more and more about cars that run on LPG systems. Light, clean, economical, LPG fuel has it all. And for it to be able to accomplish its mission, the car's engine needs LPG injectors in good condition. What is an LPG injector? What does it do and where can you buy it? These are the concerns that this article tries to answer.

Definition of the LPG & CNG injector

Before understanding what an LPG or CNG injector is, you must first understand the notion of injection. In the automotive field, we often talk about injection. It is in fact a power supply device for car engines, but not just any. Indeed, we only speak of injection when the car is equipped with a “combustion engine”.

The role of the injection process is the delivery of fuel into what is called the combustion chamber. Liquefied petroleum gas being a fuel, we therefore understand that an LPG or CNG injector is quite simply the part that is responsible for carrying out this task of routing LPG so that the car engine can burn it and l 'utilize.

A variety of models

There are currently a variety of models of LPG injectors. Already, at the base, there are different types of injections and if some injectors can only obey a given type of injection, others are compatible with several kinds of injections. We can therefore initially differentiate between LPG injector models according to the type of injection used by the car:

  • Gas type injection;
  • Liquid type direct injection;
  • Liquid type indirect injection.

In gaseous type injection, the car uses an LPG system which has been installed well after manufacture (case of cars which have been modified aftermarket by an approved LPG installer). While in the second and third case, the LPG system has been present from the start (ie the car is fitted with LPG directly from the factory).

The different prices

Since the work to change your car to LPG vehicle must be done by professionals, the purchase of quality injectors is therefore essential. For this, you can go to the store or simply make the purchase on the net. The different prices of LPG injectors vary according to their performance, their sizes, but also according to the make and model of the car. Prices range from 45 to 200 euros. The prices of simple LPG adapter injectors are hardly expensive already with a little less than 50 euros, you can get them. On the other hand, when the injector is of the Smart type, the price can exceed 500 euros.

The different brands of LPG injectors

You will find in this section a large number of sequential LPG injectors BRC , DACIA , EuropeGas, OPEL, RENAULT , HANA , LANDI RENZO , PRINS ,....

Warning ! it is mandatory to have certain LPG or CNG parts fitted by an automotive professional. Our company disclaims all liability in the event of an accident or malfunction.