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    MAGIC / ZENIT vapor regulators have been specially designed for ZENIT kits from 3 to 8 cyl. They are stable and compact The construction solutions applied ensure stable and fault-free operation under all conditions. The MAGIC regulator is designed for vehicles with high engine power. The application of Cut-O ff Block System eliminates the e ect of gas hypertension during engine braking. Its construction ensures an optimal gas temperature even for extremely low operating and environmental temperatures.

  • ALEX

    SHARK 1200 completes the range of tested and approved reducers SHARK 1500, TURBOT 1200 and TURBOT 1500 .

    This is a high quality LPG pressure reducer designed for sequential gas injection systems with engine power up to 110 kW (150 HP). Its task is to evaporate and reduce a pressure of gas supplied to the engine, as well as to maintain an adequate fuel pressure to ensure optimum operation of the entire system. The reducer is equipped with a gas filter for the liquid phase and the high flow solenoid valve.

    The unique and modern design ensures smooth operation even in temperate climatic conditions, which allows smooth operation of LPG in the user's car. The special construction of the diaphragm guarantees optimum performance and the absence of pressure drops over the entire load range. When designing our product, we kept in mind the possibility of mounting it on two surfaces, which in many cases makes the installation much easier for the installer. All this allows our reducer SHARK - based on proven, but also innovative solutions - to maintain long and trouble-free operation of the entire gas installation.

    The SHARK brand is a guarantee of the quality and efficiency of the device.

  • BRC

    Vapodétendeur LPG BRC AT90, Génius MB , Génius Max VAPO ROXER

    Attention ! it is mandatory to perform the assembly of certain parts, LPG by a professional of the automobile.

    Our company disclaims any responsibility in case of accident or malfunction


    Vapo regulator LPG AG / GFI / RENAULT

  • RICE

    Vapo regulator LPG BIGAS


    The vapodétendeurs EuropeGas are stable and compact - this is the domain of the regulator EG PREMO. The construction solutions applied ensure the stable operation and without failure in any conditions. The regulator EG SUPREMO is designed for vehicles with high engine power. The application of the Cut-Off Block System eliminates the effect of the hyper-pressure of gas during the engine brake. Its construction ensures an optimal temperature for gas even for the extremely low temperatures of the environment.


    Vapo regulator Emmegas

  • E-GAS

    Vapo Regulator LPG e Gas mounted on many vehicles in the second monte


    Vapo GPL Gutner French Manufacture, adaptable on many vehicles


    Vapodétendeur LPG IMPCO mounted on many forklifts CLARK FENWICK ....


    Vapo regulator Landi LE98 100kW. gearbox with electronic control arranged to reduce the pressure of the gas in the gas systems of automobiles and second-generation - all systems carburetor, as well as an electronic fuel injection or multi-point ..


    Vapo regulator, LPG Landi Renzo originally fitted on Dacia, Opel...


    Vapo regulator LPG Lovato

  • KME

    Vapo regulator LPG LPG KME


    Vapodétendeur GPL MAGIC HIGH POWER

    Attention ! it is mandatory to perform the assembly of certain parts, LPG by a professional of the automobile.

    Our company disclaims any responsibility in case of accident or malfunction


    Vapodétendeur GPL Nekam Koltec original equipment on many car brands , Chevrolet, Ford,Opel, Saab, Subaru, ..

  • OMVL

    Vapo LPG OMVL mounted on many vehicles in the second monte

  • GOT

    Vapo Regulator LPG Prins VSI mounted on many vehicles in the second monte

  • <span...



    Stargas LPG dispenser

  • TA / MTM

    Vapo GPL TA Sigas from the MTM BRC group


    Vapo Regulator LPG Tartarini original equipment on many Fiat


    Vapo regulator LPG Tomasetto, ideal to replace the vapo regulator Renault cars Twingo, clio gpl


    Vapo regulator LPG Vialle original equipment on many Renault vehicles


    Zavoli LPG vapor from the MTM BRC group

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Showing 1 - 50 of 115 items
Showing 1 - 50 of 115 items

A very advantageous LPG installation

For almost a few years, the automotive sector has evolved a lot and another source of energy has appeared. This is LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) gasoline biofuel. Its operating principle lies in the grafting of the fuel system or the LPG injection system onto a gasoline engine. As a reminder, it is a fuel which is composed of butane (C 4 H 10 ) and propane (C 3 H 8 ) in proportions of 20 to 50%.

When a car is powered by LPG, it cannot be serviced by any professional. You absolutely need a specialized professional to work on such a model. Although all parts of the vehicle are not LPG, those that have the certification must not fall into just any hands in order to ensure the durability of the vehicle. Among these few key pieces is the LPG vape.

An LPG installation on an LPG car

At first glance, an LPG vehicle does not use the same fuel as other cars. It uses a specific fuel. And as it is for standard fuel, there are also essential LPG vehicle parts which are LPG auto parts only reserved for LPG type engine. Thus, car parts produced for the most part in Italy and the Netherlands are subject to enormous specific constraints. They apply to each engine power range for which they are designed. The installer must then be able to carry out a precise assembly in order to guarantee the performance defined during the approval.

The LPG vape: what is it?

Indispensable for a perfect mixture of the fuel and an optimal injection in order to obtain a good explosion in the combustion chamber, the pressure reducer vaporizer is particularly suitable for LPG engines. There are several types with different command options such as:

  • Differential pressure regulation;
  • Gas injection to facilitate starting;
  • Electronic idle control;
  • Stopping the gas circuit in the event of engine stalling.

We have a whole selection of these auto parts LPG according to the category, the model, the range. Your LPG-type engine will not fail to find its LPG regulator vape.

Advantages of an LPG engine

The LPG vehicle has several significant advantages in terms of functionality, availability, cost and environmental pollution index.

At first glance is the price advantage, as LPG has an energy content of less than 22.5% compared to gasoline. In addition, for an equivalent quantity and thanks to the TIPP (domestic tax on petroleum products), liquefied petroleum gas is less expensive than gasoline.

From an environmental point of view, the combustion of LPG does not release benzene, lead or harmful particles into the atmosphere; which reduces its carbon index compared to other fossil energy sources.

You will find in this section a large number of Vapo LPG regulators from the first generation to the latest LPG system

Warning ! it is mandatory to have certain LPG parts fitted by an automotive professional.

Our company disclaims all liability in the event of an accident or malfunction.