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  • Delivered ready to operate and up to date
  • 4-year warranty (2 years manufacturer + 2 years insurance)
  • Additional insurance included
  • Free dedicated support
  • Integrated online coding
  • Integrated online ECU programming
  • Over 120 brands covered
  • TSB included
  • Built -in oscilloscope included
  • Signal generator
  • Multimeter included
  • CAN Bus Analyzer

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Today, working on modern vehicles always requires more access, our tools in this field offer unrivaled and unsuspected possibilities to date (online coding, SCN, adaptation and reinitialization of Functions & Services online, etc.)

A simple ADBLUE or maintenance reset requires access to the manufacturer's servers and requires a return to the dealership. With our AUTEL tools all this is a thing of the past.

AUTEL sets new standards, and as usual provides mechanics with functions that our competitors do not have.

With maxisys MS919 a new era in automotive diagnostics has just been born.

The strength of such a product is also based on unrivaled vehicle coverage of more than 120 brands, including Supercars.

It is currently one of the only diagnostic tools on the market to also allow intervention on very specific adaptations and resets such as F1 gearboxes (mounted on Ferrari, Maserati, etc.), giving access to highly prized information such as clutch wear rate.

Once again, AUTEL is setting the standard by innovating and providing MRAs with tools with capabilities that allow them to make all the difference.

is the latest addition to the MaxiSYS range. This tool will mark a turning point in the history of automotive diagnostics thanks to many technological innovations such as:

The simulation of electronic components thanks to its integrated signal generator, allowing the mechanic to be sure that the replacement of the component will solve the problem and validates its repair even before ordering the faulty component.

Autel's next-generation intelligent diagnostic system, MaxiSys MS919, is designed to provide technicians with a detailed diagnosis and repair plan to guide them from fault code through analysis to repair.

The MS919's data-driven strategy includes display of manufacturer's published TSBs, recalls and original service campaigns for the tested vehicle, supported by help videos and display of troubleshooting cases. repair relating to the vehicle and the faults detected.

Smarter Diagnostics, More Accurate Analytics

The new MaxiFlash VCMI adds a new dimension to Autel's already extensive diagnostic capabilities by combining an enhanced VCI/J2534 communication and programming device integrating an accurate & responsive oscilloscope, a powerful multimeter and an essential OBDII CAN bus line tester to the diagnosis.

The oscilloscope comes equipped with over 100 built-in sensors and system presets, wiring diagrams, and context-sensitive help for better waveform analysis.

With Autel's new VCMI, the MaxiSYS MS919 now supports D-PDU and RP1210 diagnostic protocols in addition to J2534 protocol, extending the coverage of passenger and commercial vehicles.

MS919 also supports faster and higher bandwidth protocols of newer vehicles, including DoIP and CAN FD. Such support underscores Autel's commitment to evolving with the industry and ensuring that our users will be as confident in our products tomorrow as they are today.

Technicians also have direct access to additional diagnostics, information on repairs to be undertaken and the repair plan directly displayed on the tablet. An online professional platform contains an extensive collection of proven repair cases to review and gather information.

Additionally, the MaxiSys MS919 also provides a professional digital vehicle inspection system designed to allow you to engage with your customers in a whole new way.


Intelligently innovative, here is the MaxiSys MS919

Component Simulator (Signals)

The simulation of electronic components allows the mechanic to be sure that replacing the component will solve the problem and validates its repair even before ordering the failed component.

All too often, mechanics replace systems in vehicles without really knowing if the replacement will solve the fault. We have now solved this problem with the MS919, by integrating a powerful signal simulator.

Imagine a diagnostic tool that would replace the electronic components you want to test, it is for the mechanic the certainty of not replacing a component for nothing, and to have, whatever the test he has to do, a tool allowing to simulate and check any repairs to be undertaken .



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