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    Adapter GPL indispensable to the filling of the fuel GPL on some vehicle( Dacia, Chevrolet, Fiat...)


    Adapter GPL 12 mm diameter indispensable for the filling of the fuel GPL on some vehicles


    Adapter GPL diameter 14 essential fuel refilling LPG on some vehicles


    Adapter GPL-diameter 16 essential for the filling of the fuel GPL on some vehicles OPEL


    Adapter GPL-diameter 22 that is essential for the filling of the fuel GPL on some vehicles the Dutch, England, the netherlands, ...


    Adapter GPL universal essential for the filling of the fuel GPL on some vehicles with cup original without internal thread


    Adaptateur GPL bouteille gaz  11 & 13 KG, indispensable pour le remplissage du carburant GPL pour les bouteilles de gaz11 et 13 KG


    O-ring for adapters Ø10 / 12 / 14 / 22

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Showing 1 - 50 of 84 items
Showing 1 - 50 of 84 items

In this topic, all types of adapters, LPG used in various countries in Europe, diameters outdoors 10,12,14,16,22, universal, and others. classified in order of growing.

Why do you need an adapter GPL?

The GPL is one of the first alternative fuels to diesel and petrol. Although it is not as popular as gasoline, it can be used on all gasoline vehicles with a few exceptions. That you have so a petrol car is new or used, you can opt for this clean fuel and economical. But, for the use of fuel LPG in the whole of Europe, you must have an adapter GPL. There are several systems for filling LPG. This article tells you all you need to know about the adapters GPL ?

How to perform an installation LPG for his car ?

Opt for a car GPL, is to choose a driving more economical and eco-friendly. An LPG installation can only be done on a gasoline vehicle. The vehicle LPG retains all its system gasoline and can therefore run on petrol or LPG. For LPG quality, you must use the service of a specialized company. This last will :

  • Install the tank in the space reserved for the spare wheel ;
  • Place a switch on the dashboard ;
  • Place the safety valves at the level of the tank.

You will find on the market various shape and capacity of tank. The choice should be a function of the vehicle or of the autonomy sought. Once your vehicle's LPG fitted, you must be certified by the DREAL (Regional Directorate of Environment, Planning and Housing).

Importance of an adapter GPL

You will find in Europe a variety of pieces auto LPG. In fact, there are various systems filling of the LPG-tank. These systems are not the same in all european countries.

Therefore, to avoid any incompatibility issue, you need to have an adaptor GPL. For your travel in Europe with your car GPL, equip yourself with the various adapters GPL that are suitable for your vehicle. You have the possibility to choose adapters GPL universal.

Many shops are specialized in the sale of parts of auto LPG. Regardless of the type and the diameter of theadapter, LPG you are looking for, you'll find it. It is also necessary to add that some models of the adapters GPL are exclusively used in LPG stations.

Where can you refuel your car to LPG ?

The fuel LPG is a gas from the liquefied petroleum containing butane and propane. The fuel LPG is available in the stations. Currently, the number of LPG stations in France is a little less than 2000. This number indicates a station LPG at seven stations. Note that the distance between two LPG stations does not exceed, often 60 km away. Thus, any user of car LPG will have no difficulty to make the full. In Europe, there are more than 27 700 LPG stations and this figure is increasing.

What have we learned ? LPG fuel is an excellent alternative to gasoline and diesel. This is the third of automotive fuel most used in the world. It is also the least expensive of the fuels in France. In Europe, there are 4 systems of filling of the tank cars to LPG. To safely fill the tank of your vehicle to LPG, you must have the proper adapter GPL. By having, for example, an adapter GPL universal corresponding to your vehicle, you can fill your tank anywhere in Europe.