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LPG highly advantageous

For almost a few years, the automotive sector has evolved a lot and another energy source has made its appearance. This is the biocarburation gasoline LPG (Petroleum Gas Liquefied). Its operating principle lies in the registry of the system of carburation or injection system LPG on a petrol engine. As a reminder, it is a fuel that is composed of butane (C4H10) and propane (C3H8) in proportions of 20% to 50%.

When a car is powered by LPG, it is not subject to maintenance by any professional. It is imperative to a professional specialized to intervene on such a model. Although all parts of the vehicle are not GPL, those who have the certification must not fall into any hands in order to ensure the sustainability of the vehicle. Among these a few key pieces is the vapo GPL.

An LPG installation on a car LPG

At first glance, a vehicle, GPL does not use the same fuel as the other cars. It uses a specific fuel. And as it is for the standard fuel, there are also essential parts of the vehicle lpg, which are parts auto LPG only reserved for a engine type LPG. Thus, the parts self produced for the most part in Italy and in the netherlands are subject to enormous constraints. They apply to each range of power of engine for which they are designed. The installer should then be able to perform precision editing in order to ensure the performance defined during the registration.

The vapo GPL : what is it ?

Essential for a perfect blend of fuel and an optimal injection in order to get a good explosion in the combustion chamber, the vaporizer pressure reducing valve is particularly suitable for use in automotive LPG. There are several types with different options of commands such as :

  • The regulation of the pressure differential ;
  • The injection of gas to facilitate starting ;
  • The electronic control of idling ;
  • The stop of the gas circuit in case of motor stalling.

We have a selection of these pieces auto lpg depending on the category, model, range. Your engine type LPG will not fail to find its vapo regulator lpg.

Benefits of a engine GPL

The vehicle lpg has several advantages in terms of functionality, availability, cost and index of environmental pollution.

The first is the advantage of the price, because the LPG has an energy value of less than 22.5 per cent compared to that of gasoline. In addition, in an equivalent amount and, thanks to the TIPP (domestic tax on petroleum products), the liquefied petroleum gas is cheaper than gasoline.

On the environmental front, the combustion of lpg does not reject neither the benzene, nor of lead, nor of the harmful particles in the atmosphere ; which reduces its carbon index, compared to other fossil energy sources.

You will find in this section a large number of Vapo regulators LPG of the first generation to the last system GPL

Attention ! it is mandatory to perform the assembly of certain parts, LPG by a professional of the automobile.

Our company disclaims any responsibility in case of accident or malfunction