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Showing 1 - 21 of 85 items

We hear more and more talk of cars that run through the systems GPL. Light, clean, economic fuel LPG has it all. And for that he can fulfill his mission, the engine of the car needs injectors LPG in good condition. What is an injector LPG ? What is its role and where can you buy ? Such are the concerns to which this article tries to answer.

Definition of the injector, LPG & CNG

Before you understand what it is that injector, LPG or CNG, it is necessary to first understand the concept of injection. In the automotive field, we often speak of the injection. It is, in fact, a device to power the engines of cars, but not any. In fact, we\'re not talking about injection that when the car is equipped with a \" combustion engine \".

The role of the injection process is the routing of the fuel in what is called the combustion chamber. The liquefied petroleum gas as a fuel, it is understood, therefore, as well as an injector LPG or CNG is simply the piece that is responsible to accomplish this task of delivery of LPG to the engine of the car can burn it and use it.

A variety of models

We can distinguish at the present time a wide variety of models with injectors LPG. Already, at the base, there are many different types of injections and if some of the injectors may not obey a type of injection given, others are compatible with several kinds of injections. We can therefore first make a differentiation of models of injectors LPG depending on the type of injection used in the car :

  • The type of injection gas ;
  • The direct injection of the liquid type ;
  • The indirect injection liquid-type.

In the type of injection gas, the car uses a public license system, which was installed after manufacturing (in the case of cars that have been modified in the second ascends by an installer certified lp). While in the second and third cases, the system GPL has been present since the origin (that is to say that the car is installed at the LPG directly to the factory.

The different prices

Given that the work aimed to change his car into LPG vehicle must be made by professionals, the purchase of injectors of quality is therefore essential. For this, we can go shop or just make the purchase on the net. The different prices of the injectors LPG vary according to their performance, their sizes, but also depending on the brand and model of the car. The prices range from 45 to 200 euros. The price of the simple injector adapters GPL are not very expensive already with a little less than 50 euros, you can buy. On the other hand , when the injector is Smart, the price can exceed 500 euros.

Different brands of injectors LPG

You will find in this section a large number of Injectors LPG sequential BRC, DACIA, EuropeGas, OPEL, RENAULT, HANA, LANDI RENZO, PRINS,....

Attention ! it is mandatory to perform the assembly of certain parts, LPG or CNG, by a professional of the automobile. Our company disclaims any responsibility in case of accident or malfunction.