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The lubricant the more evolué

The "Liquefied Petroleum Gas " has tremendously come a long way since its advent. Used for a variety of applications in several fields such as metallurgy, agriculture and even in the kitchen, it has acquired its letters of nobility in the field of transport by the provision of boats, vehicles, hot air balloons... fuel LPG. The vehicles even have the possibility to integrate a system GPL. Always concerned with the protection of the environment and to ensure a good durability to vehicles that have undergone this transformation, it has been put at their disposal lubricants, engines, LPG and here are a few benefits :

  • They are the engines of your vehicles protected from the wear and tear ;
  • They provide engines of your vehicles at a maximum efficiency ;
  • They allow you tosave fuel ;
  • The surchauffe of your engines that you are often faced with is combined with the past ;
  • Environmentally friendly, lubricant, while cleaning the engine significantly reduce emissions of harmful exhaust gases ;
  • They allow you a quick start ;
  • The frequent use of the Lubricant in engine, LPG extends the life of engines.

The maintenance of a car LPG

Maintain a vehicle, LPG can not be done without the use of the lubricant GPL. We have taken care already for you to find out more about the benefits it provides to your car. In effect the LPG installation being specific, its maintenance should be also. After a certain number of kilometres, you must proceed to the revision of your engine with a good oil change. It should be noted that the engine oil LPG that is highly recommended is keeping its lubricating properties in the engine for a long time.

The different kinds of lubricants LPG

These are lubricants that have been developed primarily for the replacement of lead in order to decrease the scuffing of the valves and their seats. We can distinguish between the lubricant V-LUBE, lubricants, FLASHLUBE and lubricants for VALVE CARE. Present a few :

  • Blender Vlube mechanical Standard + 500 ml additive Eco : it is a blender that diffuses in the engine an additive to prevent corrosion of the valves and valve seats.
  • Additive to LPG for Top Oiler and Flash Lube : it provides lubrication and cleaning of the top of the cylinders that have not been lubricated by the engine oil.
  • Additive, Flash Lube Lubricant LPG 5L Valve : protects the valves against the rise in temperature on the engine is GPL.

Lubricants, V-LUBE , FLASHLUBE VALVE CARE have been specifically designed to replace the lead, in order to reduce to a minimum the wear of the valves and valve seats on some engines recognized fragile.